Putting Them Out There

Time to put some theories to the test. My recent expressions of opinions might backfire, so I'll test them. See if they're correct in any way.

Thesis 1: Joining an established association that "does good" or "helps others" is for your own self-esteem.
Proof 1: To be presented

Thesis 2: Improving your self-esteem in this way makes you feel superior to others and gives you the right (from your own point of view) to look down on them.
Proof 2.1:
IM conversation 2008-06-19
13:09:41 Mattias says: http://www.namninsamling.se/index.php?nid=2152
13:12:45 Roger says: Innan jag klickar : Fet chans
13:12:50 Roger says: *klickar*
13:13:21 Roger says: Efter jag klickat: nae du.
13:15:44 Mattias says: dåligt

Thesis 3: The purpose of the association is secondary. Thesis 1 is primary.
Proof 3: To be presented

With more to come motherfuckers. I have my eyes on you. Just as much as you have your eyes on me. Bring it on!


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